by James A. Clapp

Planning Reports and Studies:  

  • An Analysis of the “Adult” Land Use on Property Values and Community Image, City of Santee, California, 1986
  • Social, Economic and Local Political Factors and Considerations in a New Town for a Missile Basing System, Benham-Blair Associates, Oklahoma City, 1981
  • A Study of Land-Use Regulations and Controls for the Lake Champlain-Lake George Region (New York State Office of Planning Coordination, 1968), 68pp.
  • Traffic Analysis, Township of Van Buren, New York
  • Planned Unit Development, Township of Van Buren, New York
  • Neighborhood Analysis, Village of Johnson City, New York Flooding and Flood Control, Town of Union, New York
  • Neighborhood Analysis, Town of Union, Village of Endicott and Johnson City, NY
  • Historical Preservation and Architectural Control, Town of Van Buren, New York
  • Planning Goals and Land Use Analysis, Syracuse, New York
  • Land Use Analysis, Rochester, New York


Comprehensive Plans:   (Partial Author)

  • City of Rochester, New York
  • City of Syracuse, New York
  • Town of Cazenovia, New York
  • Village of Cazenovia, New York
  • Town of Van Buren, New York
  • Village of Endicott, New York
  • Town of Union, New York
  • Village of Johnson City, New York
  • County of Wyndham, Vermont


Consultant to:

  • State of California Department of Food & Agriculture (scriptwriter), 1991
  • Baldwin Vista Associates (expert panelist) 1990
  • Science Applications International Corporation, 1988
  • Marquis Property Development, San Diego, 1987
  • The Neighborhood House Association, San Diego, 1984-87
  • Combined Arts and Education Council of County of San Diego (COMBO), 1986
  • City of Santee, California, 1985-1986
  • San Francisco Foundation, 1984
  • San Francisco State/Local Partnership for the Arts, 1984
  • San Diego State/Local Partnership for the Arts, 1982-83
  • Benham-Blair and Associates, Oklahoma City, 1981
  • Environmental Systems Associates, San Diego, 1975
  • Multi-Systems Associates, San Diego, California, 1973



  • Executive Editor, The San Diego American Planning Association Journal. 1995-96
  • Patricia Clapp Annual Memorial Scholarship Committee Department of Art, 1986-
  • Article Referee, Journal of the American Planning Association, 1992
  • San Diego Urban Form Workshop Committee, City Architect’s Office City of S.D.,1992 .
  • Community Producer/Writer of Commentaries on Cities and Urban Life, KPBS-FM, 1986-91
  • Emmy Awards, Preliminary Judging Committee, 1984
  • Emmy Awards, Preliminary Judging Committee, 1983
  • Jury Member, “Orchids and Onions Awards,” American Institute of Architects, 1982
  • Member, Science Advisory Board of “Synthesis Program Series,” KPBS-TV, 1981-82
  • Co-editor, San Diego Section of the American Inst. of   Planners Newsletter, 1977-78
  • Invited Panelist at American Assembly Conference on Land Use, Claremont, California, June 19-21, 1975, Claremont Graduate School
  • Co-author of Speech for California Assemblyman John Knox for the   American Assembly, Claremont, California, June 19, 1975
  • Member, Quality of Life Board, City of San Diego, 1973-1975
  • Vice-Chairman, San Diego County Environmental Development Agency Advisory Board, 1972-1975
  • Executive Board Member, Navajo Community Planners (City of San Diego), 1971-1973
  • Executive Board, San Diego Section of American Instit. of Planners, 1971-1972
  • Chairman, California Chapter American Institute of Planners Committee on Transportation, 1970
  • Committee Member, Fulbright Hong Kong Scholar Program (Fulbright/HK ResearchGrants Council, Hong Kong America Center, January 2002
  • Board of Directors, SDSU Art Council, 1988-1992
  • Denis Sanders Memorial Committee, Department of Telecommunications and Film, 1988
  • “Speaking of the Arts Conference” planning committee, College of Professional Studies and Fine Arts, 1987