• “Bumper to Bumper Blues,” KPBS-TV, Full Focus, 30-minute produced feature, aired July 26, 2000
  • Interviewee, 15-minute segment of “Hong Kong Today,” Radio 3, Hong Kong Radio and Television, live Program on the city and the cinema, aired February 1, 2000.
  • (Co-interviewee) one-hour call in program on San Diego Airport
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Documentaries: Producer/Writer

  • “Celluloid Traveler,” 2.5 min., The Savvy Traveler, Public Radio International, Aug. 22, 1997
  • “Death in the Afternoon,” 26-min documentary, aired on Metropolitan Journal,  KPBS-FM, February 1, 1992
  • “A Matter of Form,” 25-min documentary, aired Metropolitan Journal, KPBS-FM, February 1, 1992
  • “Orchid or Onion for the Architecture Awards?”
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Interviews: Producer/Writer/Interviewer

  • “Who Plans the Architects?” 24-min. interview with UCSD School of Architecture Dean, Adele Santos, Metropolitan Journal, October 31, 1991
  • “Who Owns San Diego Now?” 24-min. Interview with Real Estate counselor Gary London Metropolitan Journal, Oct. 24, 1991
  • “Picking Orchids and Onions,” 24-min interview with architect Jennifer Luce, Metropolitan Journal,
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  • “The Persian Gulf Crisis,” 25-minute interview with National Public Radio Correspondent, Daniel Schorr, aired on KPBS-FM, September 22, 1990
  • “Alternative Airport Proposals for San Diego,” 2-part interview with Jack Koerper of SANDAG, Adm. Ray Burke of S.D. Port Authority, and Ann Jackson of Peninsula Planning Association, 18-minutes, KPBS-FM,
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Producer/Writer/Commentator :


Commentary essays (3.5 to 5 minutes of air time each) for KPBS-FM, PublicRadio, “San Diego On Air”, and “Morning Edition“:

“A Bolt of Civility,” aired February 6, 1995
“No Place Like Home,” aired March 5, 1993
“Avoiding the Health Bigot Syndrome,” aired … (Read More)