The City: A Dictionary of Quotable Thoughts on Cities and Urban Life


Published in the Fall of 2014 by Transaction Press, The City is a significantly revised and expanded second edition of my 1984 survey of reference to the city and urban life in fiction and nonfiction literature that remained in print for twelve years. That edition was revised and expanded, … (Read More)

The Afterlife of Suzie Wong

TALoSW_Cover_SWong-script THE AFTERLIFE OF SUZIE WONG: Screenplay (2011)
by Sebastian Gerard

A 120-page feature film script (So, if you happen to be a producer . . . . . )

(For Goodness Sake, a novel of the afterlife of Suzie Wong – SCREENPLAY)


An … (Read More)

For Goodness Sake, A Novel of the Afterlife of Suzie Wong

Movies, it is often said, require of their audiences a willing suspension of disbelief. They are, at least where pure fiction is concerned, the domain of the romantic, not the rationalist. Movies are about life as we might wish it to be, or even wish it were not; but they … (Read More)

The Stranger Is Me : Travels and Self-Discoveries



477 pages

PUBLISHED, 2007, and available from Based on nearly 30 years of traveling to some sixty countries, escorting tours, and living in working London, Paris and Hong Kong, the author relates a variety of personal experiences, adventures and misadventures, lessons about travel and fellow travelers, observations about (Read More)

This Urban Life : Writing About The City for Multiple Media


PUBLISHED (AuthorHouse Books, 2005, Available from AMAZON.COM) book is not intended to be an “academic” treatise, although it may have its uses in academic discourse about cities and urban life. It is a “personal” point of view of urbanism. But much of my personal observations about cities are, owing to … (Read More)

Life Lines (Mini Book) (Charming Petites)

LifeLine_Cover_320HLife Lines was originally composed under the title Life Sentences and consisted of 100 pages that were less that an inch high, allowing for only one sentence per page.   The sentences are aphorisms that I had composed over several years in my journals.   Peter Pauper Press decided to publish it, … (Read More)

California Cityscapes In Contemporary Art

Mary Stofflet and James A. Clapp, California Cityscapes In Contemporary Art,  New York: Universe Books, 1991.
A book about modern artists’ views of the contemporary city. The artwork presented is in a wide variety of media. It is 52 recent works by 27 authors. They are inspired by the … (Read More)

LIFEBOAT 15: Democracy and Survival, an Educational Simulation


For more information, or for purchasing a copy of Lifeboat 15  ( Operator’s Manual, Player’s Manuals, and Discussion Questions & Questionnaire, and simulation equipment. ) contact UrbisMedia at 619.260.1572,

Lifeboat 15 is a simulation designed to be used for a variety of instructional, training and organizational development … (Read More)

New Towns and Urban Public Policy: Planning the American Metropolis

New Towns and Urban Public Policy: Planning the American Metropolis, New York:   Dunellen, 1971, 337 pp.

Selected as Library of Urban Affairs main selection for December, 1971.   Also selected as a Significant Social Science Book of the Month, Transaction, May l971.

Revised paperback edition October 1973.

This book was

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