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Stumbling Blocks and Stepping Stones



Stumbling Blocks and Stepping Stones
A Novel Of Coming Of Age Catholic by Sebastian Gerard

Purchase Options: and other Internet book vendors as of August 25, 2015 for hard copy, August 31, 2015 for eBook. For signed copies requests using the contact form 

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Bye Bye Blackbird

Track Title: "Bye Bye Blackbird"
Album Title:
Artist:  Sebastian Gerard.
Instrument: Yamaha Clavinova
Genre: Jazz.

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But Not For Me

Track Title: "But Not for Me"
Album Title:
Artist:  Sebastian Gerard.
Instrument: Yamaha Clavinova
Genre: Jazz.

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The Afterlife of Suzie Wong

TALoSW_Cover_SWong-script THE AFTERLIFE OF SUZIE WONG: Screenplay (2011)
by Sebastian Gerard

A 120-page feature film script (So, if you happen to be a producer . . . . . )

(For Goodness Sake, a novel of the afterlife of Suzie Wong – SCREENPLAY)


THE AFTERLIFE OF SUZIE WONG: Treatment (2009)(Read More)

Public Radio interview of Sebastian on KPBS-FM.

   "Local Author Writes Sequel to the Suzie Wong Story"

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Book Reviews: “For Goodness Sake”



From the SOUTH CHINA MORNING POST, April 16, 2008





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News: “For Goodness Sake” Author Sebastian Gerard

Sebastian spent 6 weeks in march and April in Hong Kong and China, overseeing the launch of For Goodness Sake. In addition to the reviews below he gave an 18-minute on air interview on RTHK’s program, “Morning Brew, and another 20-minute interview with Annemarie Evans of RTHK on May 3 … (Read More)

For Goodness Sake, A Novel of the Afterlife of Suzie Wong

FGS_Book_Cover_256HMovies, it is often said, require of their audiences a willing suspension of disbelief. They are, at least where pure fiction is concerned, the domain of the romantic, not the rationalist. Movies are about life as we might wish it to be, or even wish it were not; but they … (Read More)

The Babo Gospels: Irrevent Essays On Religion For My Grandchildren

Preface:   The Babo Gospels,  ©2008, Sebastian Gerard


TBG_CoverTHE “BABO” GOSPELS grew out of a lifelong interest and formal learning in religion and belief, and subsequent apostasy. After writing a large number of essays on different aspects of religion and belief, all in the atmosphere in which religion had insinuated

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Life Lines (Mini Book) (Charming Petites)

LifeLine_Cover_320HLife Lines was originally composed under the title Life Sentences and consisted of 100 pages that were less that an inch high, allowing for only one sentence per page.   The sentences are aphorisms that I had composed over several years in my journals.   Peter Pauper Press decided to publish it, … (Read More)