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The River Dragon’s Daughters


The River Dragon’s Daughters

by Sebastian Gerard

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The Babo Gospels



by Sebastian Gerard

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The World Traveler’s Book Of Quizzes

The World Traveler's Book Of Quizzes

“The World Traveler’s Book Of Quizzes”
by James A. Clapp

Test your travel memories and observations with this collection of informative and curious quizzes. Over 300 matching questions are supplemented by essays about travel that have been derived from nearly four decades of travel guiding and visiting more than seventy … (Read More)

Vademecum Italica : Travels in Italy


Vademecum Italica : Travels in Italy

Vademecum Italica
Travels in Italy by James A. Clapp

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Mon Cahier De Paris: Cafe Writings 1989, 1999





In the final scene of Bernardo Bertolucci’s The Sheltering Sky (1990), Paul Bowles, the author of the original story is seated in a Tangier café where he greets Kit Moresby (Debra Winger), who has survived a harrowing travel experience in the … (Read More)

The American City in the Cinema


Published in June of  2013, TRANSACTION PRESS. 458 pages, with illustrations of stills and posters from American feature films that chronicle the past century’s growth and life in the Amican city. Drawing upon over 200 feature films from the first days of cinema to the present day, this academic book … (Read More)

The City: A Dictionary of Quotable Thoughts on Cities and Urban Life


Published in the Fall of 2014 by Transaction Press, The City is a significantly revised and expanded second edition of my 1984 survey of reference to the city and urban life in fiction and nonfiction literature that remained in print for twelve years. That edition was revised and expanded, … (Read More)

The Babo Gospels: Irrevent Essays On Religion For My Grandchildren

Preface:   The Babo Gospels,  ©2008, Sebastian Gerard


TBG_CoverTHE “BABO” GOSPELS grew out of a lifelong interest and formal learning in religion and belief, and subsequent apostasy. After writing a large number of essays on different aspects of religion and belief, all in the atmosphere in which religion had insinuated

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The Stranger Is Me : Travels and Self-Discoveries



477 pages

PUBLISHED, 2007, and available from Based on nearly 30 years of traveling to some sixty countries, escorting tours, and living in working London, Paris and Hong Kong, the author relates a variety of personal experiences, adventures and misadventures, lessons about travel and fellow travelers, observations about (Read More)

This Urban Life : Writing About The City for Multiple Media


PUBLISHED (AuthorHouse Books, 2005, Available from AMAZON.COM) book is not intended to be an “academic” treatise, although it may have its uses in academic discourse about cities and urban life. It is a “personal” point of view of urbanism. But much of my personal observations about cities are, owing to … (Read More)