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A China Hand

ACH_CoverEveryone who encounters China comes with their own preconceptions; although my generation, which came to its political and geographical consciousness at the time of the Korean War, hearing reports of waves of Chinese soldiers charging at the American troops, and reading even in the comic strips such as Steve Canyon, … (Read More)

The Art of Urbanism


Cities and Urban Life in the History of Painting

©2003 James A. Clapp, Ph.D.

THE ART OF URBANISM is a recently completed 65,000 word manuscript that is accompanied by 220 illustrations of painting throughout history that deal with the City and with the character of (Read More)

The Other Half of the Fun : The Travel of Getting There

TOHotF_Cover_editedI think my first associations with travel were gastrointestinal. My parents and my aunt and uncle used to take my brother and me on a long drive up to the lake in the Adirondacks for two weeks each summer. I love those two weeks in Summer, they seem to last … (Read More)

The Babo Gospels: Irrevent Essays On Religion For My Grandchildren

Preface:   The Babo Gospels,  ©2008, Sebastian Gerard


TBG_CoverTHE “BABO” GOSPELS grew out of a lifelong interest and formal learning in religion and belief, and subsequent apostasy. After writing a large number of essays on different aspects of religion and belief, all in the atmosphere in which religion had insinuated

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Vademecum Italica : Readings for Travelers in Italy


3. What’s Your Favorite Country
9. The Romantic Travel Movie—Italian Style
22. Venice and the Art of Urbanism
41. Shylock’s Ghetto: The Place of the Play
52. Florence in the Time of Lorenzo di Medici
75. Rule No. 1
77. That Angel Could Fly
80. The Madonna Subterfuge
92. … (Read More)

The River Dragon’s Daughters


TRDD_CoverThe River Dragon’s Daughters is a partially completed book spanning the lives of four Chinese women from the Republic to the present day.

© 2000, James A. Clapp

Weiping dribbled the goat’s milk carefully onto her left breast. Some ran … (Read More)