•   “The Persian Gulf Crisis,” 25-minute interview with National Public Radio Correspondent, Daniel Schorr, aired on KPBS-FM, September 22, 1990
  • “Alternative Airport Proposals for San Diego,” 2-part interview with Jack Koerper of SANDAG, Adm. Ray Burke of S.D. Port Authority, and Ann Jackson of Peninsula Planning Association, 18-minutes, KPBS-FM, aired August 10, 11, 1989
  • “Real Estate, Land Economics and Growth Management,” 2-part interview with Drs. James Short and Robert Wilbur, KPBS-FM, aired September 26, 27, 1988
  • “The New Planning Directors,” 2-part interview with Robert Spaulding and Ray Silver, 16-minutes, KPBS-FM,   aired, July 6, 7, 1988
  • “Historic Preservation in San Diego,” interview with architect Wayne Donaldson, 8-minutes, KPBS-FM, aired May 13, 1988
  • “Patrick Crowley, port facilities planner for the San Diego America’s Cup Defense, 8-minutes, KPBS-FM, aired April 28, 1988
  • “Orchids and Onions, 1987,” 9-minute program, KPBS-FM, aired November 19, 1987
  • “The San Diego Growth Initiative,” Live 20-min phone-in prog., KPBS-FM, June 11, 87
  • “Association of Environmental Professionals,” 10-min , KPBS-FM, aired April 23, 1987
  • “The RUDAT Process,” 16-minute program, KPBS-FM, aired March 26-27, 1987
  • “John McAlevey on the Ramapo, N.Y. Growth Management Plan,” KPBS-FM, 8-minute program, aired March 19, 1987
  • “Peripheral Visions,” one-hour TV program on the peripheral canal produced for Symposium of California State Legislative Interns, University of California at Davis, October 1978. (Interviewer only)

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