Life Lines (Mini Book) (Charming Petites)

LifeLine_Cover_320HLife Lines was originally composed under the title Life Sentences and consisted of 100 pages that were less that an inch high, allowing for only one sentence per page.   The sentences are aphorisms that I had composed over several years in my journals.   Peter Pauper Press decided to publish it, but felt that Life Lines was a title that fit their list better, and so that is the version you now have in the typical little book size, with Sebastian Gerard as its author on the title page.   Peter Pauper also decided that some of the aphorisms that dealt with religion and sex were better left out of their version.

In the original I preambled that the aphorism, in either declarative or interrogative form, can be viewed as compressed sponge.   Water it with a little reflection and it swells exponentially, revealing an underlying complexity and sometime profundity.   Its “truth” may lie in its brevity, its paradox, its witticism, or just in the mind of the beholder.

And so this small book of sentences about Love, Death, Sex, Religion, Family, Friendship, Happiness, Politics – about Life.   Its original title had a double meaning:   that we are each born with a “life sentence,” some short, some longer, and in that span we may get a glimmer of its meaning and modes, sometime embedded in the single thought that might, like a sponge, be compressed into a Life Line.

LifeLine_CommieLL_000Life Lines is available from:

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Peter Pauper Press.

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