Interviews: Producer/Writer/Interviewer

  • “Who Plans the Architects?” 24-min. interview with UCSD School of Architecture Dean, Adele Santos, Metropolitan Journal, October 31, 1991
  • “Who Owns San Diego Now?” 24-min. Interview with Real Estate counselor Gary London Metropolitan Journal, Oct. 24, 1991
  • “Picking Orchids and Onions,” 24-min interview with architect Jennifer Luce, Metropolitan Journal, aired Oct. 24, 1991
  • “Historic Preservation,” 24-min. interview with lawyer-preservationist Marie Burke Lia Metropolitan Journal, aired Oct. 6,   1991
  • “Suburban Renewal,” 18-min interview with El Cajon Mayor Joan Shoemaker, Metropolitan Journal, aired Sept. 29, 1991
  • “Managing Urban Transportation,” 24-min interview with transportation-planner John Duve, SANDAG, Metropolitan Journal, aired Sept. 8, 1991
  • “Most Livable Newark,” 24-min interview with Newark, N.J. Mayor Sharpe James, Metropolitan Journal, aired Aug. 29, 1991
  • “New City Library,” 24-min interview with San Diego City Librarian William Sannwald, Metropolitan Journal, aired Aug. 22, 1991
  • “Ecologically-Correct Cities,” 24-min interview with ecological designer Jim Bell, Metropolitan Journal, aired Aug. 15, 1991
  • “De-regulating development: A Public Sector Perspective,” 24-min. interview with Evan Becker, Dir. of the S D Housing Commission., Metropolitan Journal, aired Aug. 8, 1991
  • “De-regulating Development: A Private Sector Perspective,” 24-min.interview with Frank Panarisi, CEO, Construction Industry Federation, Metropolitan Journal, aired Aug. 1, 1991
  • “Revitalizing the Inner City,” 23-minute interview with SEDC President, Jerry Grooms, Metropolitan Journal, aired July 25, 1991
  • “Misunderstood Metropolis,” 23-min. interview with political scientist, Steve Erie, Metropolitan Journal, aired   July 18, 1991
  • “Observations on Habitats,” 23-min interview with architect Moshe Safdie, Metropolitan Journal, aired July 11, 1991
  • “Wheel Estate,” 23-min. interview with Allan D. Wallis, author of Wheel Estate, Metropolitan Journal, KPBS-FM,   aired July 4, 199
  • “Holbrook’s Shylock,” 24-min. interview with actor Hal Holbrook, These Days,” KPBS-FM, aired June 27, 1991
  • “A New State Architect,” interview with Harry C. Hallenbeck, Metropolitan Journal, KPBS-FM, aired June 23, 1991
  • “An Architect for India,” interview with Indian architect Balkrishna Doshi, Metropolitan Journal, KPBS-FM   aired June 13, 1991
  • “Managing San Diego,” interview with San Diego City Manager Jack McGrory, Metropolitan Journal, KPBS-FM, aired   June 6, 1991
  • “The Eclipse of the American Community,” interview with Prof Norton Long, Metropolitan Journal, KPBS-FM, aired   May 23, 1991
  • “The Affordable Housing Crisis,” interview with Allan Nevin, Real Estate Research Director, HomeFed Bank, KPBS-FM, Metropolitan Journal, aired May 12, 1991 (24 min.)
  • “Hands Across the Border,” interview with Dr. Lawrence Herzog, author of Where North Meets South, KPBS-FM, Metropolitan Journal, aired May 2, 1991 (18 Min.)
  • “Visions of Paradise: The Selling of San Diego,” 24-minute produced feature with interviews, KPBS-FM, Metropolitan Journal, aired April 25, 1991
  • “The Ideas of Italian Cities,” 23-minute interview with Professor Joseph Rykwert, KPBS-FM, Metropolitan Journal, aired April 18, 1991
  • “Self-Destruction and the City,” 24-minute interview with Howard Kushner, author of American Suicide, aired on KPBS-FM, Metropolitan Journal, April 11, 1991.
  • “The Family and the City,” 23-minute interview with Richard Louv about his book, Childhood’s Future, aired on KPBS-FM, Metropolitan Journal, April 4, 1991
  • “Public Art/Public Controversy,” 24-minute interview with Gail Goldman, City of San Diego Public Arts Coordinator, aired on KPBS-FM Metropolitan Journal, March 31, 1991
  • “A Sense of Place,” interview with Tony Hiss of the New Yorker about his book, The Experience of Place, aired on KPBS-FM, Metropolitan Journal, March 21, 1991 (24 min.)

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