Documentaries: Producer/Writer

  • “Celluloid Traveler,” 2.5 min., The Savvy Traveler, Public Radio International, Aug. 22, 1997
  • “Death in the Afternoon,” 26-min documentary, aired on Metropolitan Journal,  KPBS-FM, February 1, 1992
  • “A Matter of Form,” 25-min documentary, aired Metropolitan Journal, KPBS-FM, February 1, 1992
  • “Orchid or Onion for the Architecture Awards?” 20-min. documentary, aired on Metropolitan Journal, KPBS-FM, Jan. 4, 1992
  •   “Problem-Oriented Policing,” 28-min. documentary, aired on Metropolitan Journal, KPBS-FM, Jan. 4, 1991
  • “California Cityscapes,” 23-min. documentary in San Diego Museum of Art exhibition of 27 California urban painters, Metropolitan Journal, KPBS-FM, aired June 27, 1991
  •   “The Chic-ing of Hillcrest,” long-form documentary, KPBS-FM, Metropolitan Journal, aired May 19, 1991 (23 min)
  •   “Habitat for Humanity: Tijuana,” documentary with President Jimmy Carter, et al., aired in KPBS-FM Morning Edition, 7-1/3 minutes, aired June 29, 1990
  • “The Art of Urban Imagination,” 6-minute produced feature with Soviet artists Alexander Brodsky and Ilya Utkin, KPBS-FM, aired November 4, 1989
  •   “San Diego Airport: A View from the Cockpit,” 8.5-minute produced feature with T. Carrol and N. Smith of the Airline Pilots Association, KPBS-FM, aired October 14, 1989. Re-aired, January 13, 1990. San Diego Press Club Award for “Best Investigative Reporting,” 1990.


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